KZap is an addictive arcade puzzle game for KDE. It is based on Zoop™ from Viacom®.

The game is played by moving the triangle in the center of the screen and "zapping" the blocks in the surrounding grid.  Blocks are added to the outer rows, pushing the existing blocks closer and closer to the center of the screen.  The game ends when a block advances into the center 4x4 grid controlled by your triangle. 

A block can be removed from the board if it is zapped when the triangle and the block are the same color.  Consecutive blocks of the same color can be removed in a single shot.  If the block is a different color than the triangle, the colors of the block and triangle will be swapped.

Upon removing the number of blocks displayed in the "Remain" count you will advance to the next level.  At each new level, the board is cleared and the blocks advance at an increased speed.


kzap-0.2-1.i386.rpm - Binary RPM (RedHat 8.0)
kzap-0.2-1.src.rpm - Source RPM
kzap-0.2.tar.gz - Source Tarball

To install the binary RPM:
        rpm -Uvh kzap-0.2-1.i386.rpm

To install from source:
        tar xvzf kzap-0.2.tar.gz
        cd kzap-0.2
        make install


KZap is playable, but still in alpha status.  If you find bugs, have comments, or want to contribute to the art or development, send an email to koolade at



KZap was created by me, Ade Olonoh. It was a toy project of mine a long time ago and honestly it's unlikely that I'll continue development. You can find me these days on my blog, working on FormSpring, or developing other web applications. Logo